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Why Keep a Dog?

November 10th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Why Keep a Dog?

I like Jon Katz’s references to the notion of a “writing dog”. No, it’s not about dogs writing. Rather it is the term Katz uses to describe a dog who is able to,and even enjoys, lying quietly in the room while one writes. This is an invaluable trait in a dog. It is a very subtle form of co1128-17mpanionship. The dog is there in the room, mostly silent. At times one may notice the dog; he may sigh in his sleep, change positions, fart or snore. His sounds are only reassuring reminders that he is still there; they are not intrusions into one’s work. I think that this is the essence of companionship.

These days I have the remarkable good fortune to enjoy the company of two pretty reliable writing dogs and one understudy. The latter is a puppy who is still likely to be too full of beans to be capable of being still enough for this job. And it is a job. The quiet presence of a dog creates a sense of security which nurtures the creative process and enables concentration. Someone, who happened to glance into my room while I was at the computer with the three dogs in repose in their usual places, said “Wow! It’s like a womb.” [Read more]

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