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October 26th, 2010 · · Photo Gallery

I put together this gallery of photos from nearly 300 shots I made of these dogs playing last week. The three of them play together most week days. The basenji comes and goes on the scene. The others have refined their play to a very elegant, ritualistic and above all polite interaction ici. I must say that it gives me extraordinary pleasure to see so much dog spoken and understood. That is not to say that it lacks intensity; it does not. They are so comfortable with each other that they are able to know the precise moment to suspend the action. I have not needed to intervene in their play very often of late, except for the basenji who gets very aroused very fast and bears close monitoring. I’ve been watching this group very closely now for quite awhile and I find that I can make sense of good deal of the communication between them viagra canada. I find it fascinating that when dogs are playing they make all the same moves they use when they actually hunt and fight. But it is understood that this not the real thing. It is play. It is play because at the outset they have sent each other very clear signals, by means of their extremely complex and amazingly sophisticated body language. “Now we are playing.” So they self-handicap to fit each other’s capabilities. Among mammals, humans and dogs are the most playful species by far.


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