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Jessie Zarecki Friedman

May 4th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Musings

jessieMy old girl Jessie passed away on 6 April 2009. It was a good death in that she died in her home on her own bed surrounded by familiar people and things. She was 12 and a half years old and had been in poor health for more than three years. Her health issues hadn’t prevented her from swimming, raiding the compost bin, and just generally enjoying herself.
Now that she’s been gone for a month I can focus more on the good things about Jessie than the pain of her passing. When she came to me, preowned, as my kids say, I had no idea how our lives would intersect and mesh. It was one of those remarkable connections that happen sometimes. We just recognized each other and that was that. After a few days it was hard to imagine that she hadn’t always been a part of my life, hadn’t always ridden shot gun in the van. She and I were inseparable. We shared many rambles along the Ottawa River. She was a tireless retriever of tennis balls, a reliable heeler off leash, and an eager duck and goose flusher. At the cottage she would swim beside me, around me in circles, whatever I asked her to do. One of the most interesting things that the kids found to look at under water were Jessie’s legs churning away.
Jessie also deserves a good deal of the credit for providing an excellent role model for Benny, my husky retriever mix, who arrived in our home as a pesky puppy who wouldn’t even let her take a pee without trying to play with her. By her demeanour she managed to let him know just how high the standards of doggie decorum are around here. It really made training him much easier to have on hand a dependably well behaved dog like Jessie.
Of course I miss her. Her wonderfully expressive face, her loyalty, the feel of her silky ears, I even miss her snoring! I think we always miss what we’ve lost; the passage of time just changes the perspective. It doesn’t erase the loss. I feel fortunate indeed to have had the time I shared with Jessie and am grateful that she and I were able to¬† learn so much from each other.

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