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At the Dog Daycare 3

May 7th, 2008 · · News From the Doggie Daycare

It is very interesting to observe the entry of a new dog into the existing pack at the day care. The staff can do a lot to help the process along. It is usually a good idea to introduce the neophyte to the group gradually, one or two dogs at a time. This is especially important if the newcomer is exhibiting any signs of anxiety. A confident adult dog who is well-socialized with others may well be immediately able to handle the necessary greetings and ritual sniffings required of a dog in this situation. In a few minutes he can be caught up in the ongoing play. But if the dog is younger and/or a lot smaller than most of the pack members his introduction into the pack ought to be more gradual. The pacing of the introduction should of course be determined by the dog’s reaction. He may want to stick close to a human at first until he feels less uncertain. It is possible that he will tremble and cringe at the other dogs’ initial licks and sniffs especially if they are exuberant. In the normal course of events the new dog will find his place in the pack and things will carry on from there.


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