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May 5th, 2008 · · Introduction, Quotations

“Of all creatures on earth it is the dog that man has chosen as the object of his purest, most disinterested love. We marry a wife or a husband out of love, yes, but also in order to build for the future, whatever the future may be, however much or little it may be worth. We have children as as assurance against that future, to carry on our particular struggle or enterprise, to make men and women of them and a better world for everyone. We create them so that one day we may give them their freedom, let them be truly themselves. At least, that is what we think. Love may be seen as our immediate motivation, an irresistible force, but it is (contrary to what we suppose) really nothing but a bonus, an extra. Between husband and wife it is sometimes no more than a point of departure, the initial spark which serves as a pretext for other interests; people often, as we know, outgrow their early passions. Marital love can, according to circumstance, work for either total unity or complete disruption. Now the dog’s role is rather that of a lover or mistress, but even a lover or mistress introduces some emotion, rightly or wrongly, other than ‘pure love’; a lifetime’s secret self-aggrandizement, for instance. Between two human beings there is no such thing as ‘pure love’ in vacuo; but the whole aim and purpose of owning a dog is to love it and be loved by it. Even if you acquire it with some other end in mind, this is always what it comes back to in the long run; this what man has, ultimately, molded the dog for.” Colette Audrey from Behind the Bathtub


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